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Fair Isle Knitting

   I had been waiting for this book for a few weeks and was disappointed when I finally picked it up the other day. The best thing is really the cover. There are many models — sweaters, vests, cardigans, gloves, scarves, berets — and color charts for the motifs, but no instructions for actually knitting the various garments. I had expected the usual Japanese craft book with a presentation section and a "How to make" section. Not this time. The book is also visually not in line with what I've come to expect and it feels a bit old. Perhaps the glossy paper, perhaps the page layouts and the overall feel of the photos. Just not exciting. I do like the sweater on the cover very much, though, and perhaps my dissatisfaction is just a result of my expectations. You judge. Sorry again for the poor picture quality. Between my unsteady hand (gotta get that tripod) and the glossy paper, this was not a good photoshoot.

Fair Isle Knitting
by 勝子, 阪場
39 pages
Published: 2004/08
ISBN-13: 978-4835579191
ASIN: 4835579194


I still might have to get this one. I really love the sweater on the cover, and those charts could come in handy too.

That cover sweater is stunning, but I would be frustrated with the lack of instructions too. Perhaps it's the Japanese version of the Walker books?

It's too bad the garment patterns aren't in there, but the charts look great. It looks like it might be a good resource for patterns and a jumping off point for designing.

How odd that there are no instructions... If you ever run across a large body of text and want a translation, I can always ask my mother to do it. She's now hooked on sock knitting so I can bribe her with balls of sock yarn from my stash. ;-)

Ooooooo...an inspiration book....I LOVE it!!!

is there a chart for that thistle pattern? i really like that!

I can see what you are saying about the book. I am curious do you know what the copyright date is? I wonder if it is just a really old book or a reprint? The charts for the fair isle pattern might be a good reference, but I now have really mixed feelings as well.

Thanks so much for posting the photos. I have already added the monogram one to my wish list. :)

Ah, good catch, Kitty Kitty. On the page with the general book information, I see the year 1932 in addition to 2004/08 which is the date of publication. Unfortunately, I don't know what that year refers to. As far as I know, it could be anything, from the year the publishing company was established to the first copyright for the book, but the two numbers are far apart on the page (1932 at the top and 2004/08 at the bottom). Maybe one of our Japanese bloggers can figure that out?

Year 1932 is the author/designer's birth year.

Here is her Web site:



Hi again,

I've know her Web site, but never checked the BBS until now.

She seems to send out the pattern if requested:

I LOVE #27 and #29. The colors and the stitch pattern or just beautiful. SUX that there's no instructions. I hope you have your heat and car issues straightened out.