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No knitting for a while

Over the holidays I injured my neck and now I'm under doctor's orders to refrain from knitting for at least ten days. grumpf. grrrr. aarrgghhhh. And I brought this on myself, too. It was all the knitting in the car when I went up north for Christmas: 6-7 hours both ways. Turns out that keeping my head down all those hours in a row while the car makes its up-down motion hurt my neck real bad. I am so bummed. If only I could knit without looking, but I can't do that even when I knit stockinette stitch.

And this past weekend was a very frustrating one. I put many hours into my lace scraf and had to tink my way back several rows FOUR times between Saturday and Sunday. Even with all the tinking, I have 16 repeats of the lace pattern. I am supposed to knit 30 repeats, but I may have to do more than that, given how tiny the repeats are with #0 needles.


Oh, you poor thing!!! When I've been terribly desperate, I've layed flat on my back and held my knitting up in the air in front of my face. When my arms got tired, I propped my elbows up on pillows. Not that I'm encouraging you to disobey your doctors... I'm just saying....

Hope you have lots to occupy you for the next 10 days! And that you feel better soon.

Hope you feel better. Neck pains are never fun.

Ti auguro pronta guarigione.

Bad show, Francesca - hope it's better soon.

Francesca, I am so sorry to hear of your neck troubles. I know how awful it is to have to give up knitting for a while, I have cervical disc problems. Every once and a while I over step my self imposed knitting time and then find myself in pain. It really is best to refrain from knitting for the 10 days, you might want to take the time to organize your stash, contemplate your lace knitting or look at all of your wonderful knitting books. The lace gods must have been grumpy this week end, I had a terrible time with the Paisley Long Shawl and had to frog back twice. I will wait a decent interval before I begin again, this time I will run life lines every row! Take good care of yourself, hope your boys keep you cheerful.

Sorry to hear about the neck and hope you heal soon.

i have had a stiff neck since before christmas... it never occurred to me to see a doctor! just think of how much more japanese you will learn in these 10 days.

Hope your neck gets well soon!

How grim! Hope you're finding plenty of crafty distractions to occupy your non-working hours. Is spinning banned, too?

I am not allowed to knit in the car ... Husband thinks it is an extremely dangerous thing to do especially if I am sitting in the front passenger side (with the air bag). Besides, I think I would get dizzy with the car in motion.
Take a break ... it may feel frustrating not able to do what we want most, but a break can do us lots of good. When my husband gets stuck in his projects, I always tell him to take a break.
Hope you recover fast. Take care.