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Red socks

Another FO; I am surprising myself!

It was a nice, lazy weekend. I could have gone places and seen people, but I didn't have the energy. So I stayed home, relaxed, finished another pair of cashmere/merino socks, studied Japanese a bit, nested with the cats… that kind of weekend. The rain made it easy to stay in and I guess I needed it.


Congratulations! The socks look awesome. I'm jealous of your quiet, rainy weekend. I'll have one (make one) in a few weeks and think of you.

With all the indoor hobbies I love, I don't mind rainy weekends one bit.

Great looking socks!

that sounds like a fabulous weekend, to me. lovely color for the socks ;)

Those look like the world's most comfy socks!

I am adding my vote to everyone elses...those red socks are awesome! This comming weekend should be for me what this was for you. I love the relaxing ones.

They're gorgeous! I need to clean up the yard but as long as it is wet and cold, I'm knitting!