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Quilt stamps

  Whenever I go to the post office, I check for new stamps. Last week, I had a pleasant surprise: the Quilts of Gee's Bend.

One side of the package has an enlargement.

In all, there are twenty stamps in ten designs.

Next time I am in Burbank, I'll check my usual stamp shop to see if there is a first-day cover for this issue.


Cool. One of my friends here is a quilter and I think she might be tickled to find this out. I'll have to share this with her. I am in awe of the art of quilting. The free form are fantastic but the symmetrical must take such exact planning.

My friend had a quilting accident about 2 months ago. Was using her cutting wheel (is that what it's called? Like a pizza cutter)and cut the tips of two of her fingers off. I never realized those things were that sharp and I kid you not this was pretty darn serious. They were able to reattach thank the LORD.

Ouch! I did something similar, once. Cut off the tip of my left thumb with a knife. It was a tiny piece and they reattached it, but the wrong way, so now my fingerprint is different. It took years to get back the sensitivity. It'll be frustrating for your friend, especially because she is a craftsperson. Tell her it takes time.

The accident sounds like something I'd do... that's why my friends won't let me possess sharp tools.

But YIPPEE... I need new stamps anyway and now I know what to ask for. Thanks Francesca!!!!!

I *love* the Gee's Bend quilts, how exciting to see them on stamps!