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  This was another working weekend and I haven't been doing any knitting or spinning or sewing in ages. I finally got off the computer around 4PM and decided to get back into manual work by converting one of Ben's old jeans into shorts. When I got my Pfaff last year, I bought some spare needles, including jeans needles, so I was set.

Sewing went ok until I got to the thick part of the side seam. Folding the hem twice at that juncture proved too think to go under the foot. I reinforced each side of the lump, but couldn't sew all the way around the hem. Yuck. Ben, always the easygoing guy, said not to worry; he would wear those shorts around the house.

When I got to the second leg, the needle stopped moving. It got completely jammed and we tried everything we could think of, short of breaking the needle. We thought of that, too, but this is a German jeans needle and I am convinced that it was built to outsmart any American or Italian trying to break it. So, tomorrow I'm going to make arrangements with the store where I bought the machine to get the problem fixed. Bummer.


aye. what a pain (but yay for sewing!)

At least he offered to wear them anyway! My bf would have rolled his eyes and said "no". Hope it gets fixed soon!

gracie milé! thank you! merci pour ce blog si "inspiring"

This English lady got thwarted by jeans and needles on a Frister and Rossman machine many years ago. I went for the break the needle option, and frayed the hem of the shorts. Haven't machined denim since...

Yikes, I didn't realize denim could be so unforgiving. Good luck!

I've broken a few needles that way. Sometimes, if the "thingy" still goes up and down, you can release the needle and wiggle it out but the item will still be stuck because it's usually a whole bunch of thread that's wound around a few things and through the material that's holding it stuck!