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Quail pincushion

Since someone almost destroyed the chicken pincushion I bought at Fabulous Fiber Fest (bad kitty, bad!), I decided to make me a new one. First, I had to reverse engineer the model, so I used some sacrificial muslin to figure out pattern and size.

And here is my chunky little quail.

I am actually rather pleased with it. The eyes are kind of funky and the filling took a lot of massaging and still she's rather lumpy bumpy, but she's cute in a rustic kind of way. I've decided that I don't like the polyester filling and I'm going to look for something different for my next stuffed projects. I also think that I should have added something heavier to the filling because she is not grounded. Suggestions anyone?


CUTE!!! What a great idea for a pincushion. But then again, what a great idea for a catnip toy. Hmm....

No idea what they use in toys nowadays but my maid used whatever we had on hand like dried beans, rice or sand.

It looks adorable! No wonder one of the kitties mistook it for a toy ;-)

I was thinking sand but also you could try small metal beads. I know this sounds wierd but you could try bee bees (like what you would put in a BB Gun) or fishing lure weights. I don't know if Michaels sells inexpensive metal beads.

(I did say it would sound wierd LOL)

BTW it's very cute

Hi F!
Cute. I will bring some cotton filing I used to use for doll, etc. See if you'd like. I'll bring some books & magazines. (I am clearing the space if you can tell!?) Lol!
If the pink stripe is what you are talking about..? That smoky pink stripe on this blog page?

I feel your pain for the bites. Hanging in there!

I'll see you on Saturday.


I stuff my pin cushions with rovings. I have inherited a lot of wool that I don't care to spin, and I don't want to just throw it away. It makes a great stuffing since you can determine how dense the cushion should be, and it's not polyester.