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Black & White

Today I got up in black & white. Maybe it's the restlessness of a lingering night leaking into morning. Maybe it's the ennui of summer. Maybe it's the heat messing with my brain.

Everything feels slightly off, and I can't quite put my finger on it.

It's going to be another long hot day and we may lose power again. I am keeping all the blinds closed and trying to use as little electricity as I can. My G5 is on its last legs; the fan has been in overdrive for days now. Half the time the noise from under my desk resembles some kind of taking off. I am fastening my seat belt. Our connection is sluggish, too, with every online activity taking 3-4 times longer than usual.

The boys are conserving energy.

Only Pipie comes up to me every couple of hours or so, as if hoping I can fix the weather. I do fix his meals and clean the litter box, so he thinks I can do anything. I'll try, baby. Tomorrow. When things are back in color.


It looks like you might actually have cooler (not so hot) weather this week? But then again, when has the weatherperson ever gotten it right? Hopefully they did this time!

Isn't this heat and humidity crazy? I haven't been able to do anything fiber related for the past two days. Now that you mentioned it, my G5 also made some crazy noises last week.

You take beautiful photographs, Francesca!

Yes, stay cool. Your poor kitties! They are very photogenic! Love your pictures and your posts and your knitting!