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Birthday chicken

Everybody is pooped; the heat is taking a toll. Even the birthday chicken was a non-event, with both Kelvin and Piper barely nibbling a juicy chicken leg.

I dread the idea of Monday, when we'll be left without electricity between 8AM and 3PM for repair work on our street. We may have to get out of the house with the cats like my friend Andrea had to do today, even if for different reasons.

Tomorrow I am going to Little Tokyo, where I haven't been in a while. Maybe I'll find some good Japanese sewing books. I've seen several book covers on other blogs and there's a couple I want to check out.


ciao! i am happy to find your blog so maybe i could know something more about the LA 's life ! i ll be there soon for long time! take care

Aww, the poor things! It's hot here as well but I'm still knitting .... wool!