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Quasi felt day

Today I had a few friends over for a day of felting. Well, that was the plan. As it turned out, only three of us did any felting, after which me and JoShell decided that felting ain't our thing after all.

JoShell struggled with some uncooperative fiber while I tried to make a coaster out of the green fiber I received from my secret pal. In my case, the fiber was perfect; my technique less so. This was my second time felting and maybe I am not doing it right, but it seems too much work and not enough payoff. My would-be coaster came out uneven (you can see the layers of fiber if you hold it to the light) and all puckered. I'll try ironing it out and see if that helps, but it's not looking good.

At least Andrea did a good job. She felted around a rock using fiber in two contrasting colors, then cut it so she will extract the rock and add a zipper to make a little purse. I think it'll be lovely. You can see a hint of the inside color in the last photo.


Thank you so much for today, f. It was wonderful.

ditto what rose said - very fun! i promise to give your rock back soon ;)

and don't give up on felting! i think more bubble wrap is needed, and maybe una too ;)

I am so sorry to have missed this--looks like you all had fun. My head is still throbbing--if the allergies don't do me in the heat will. Hope you are staying cool.