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Piper … and a cast of thousands

Loona Fish joins Mr. Ping and a cast of thousands. I only have to move the sofas, look under the fridge or open the linen closet to find Piper's toys. They all end up being Piper's, because he's the one playing with them, hiding them and then finding them again in the middle of the night. That's when he starts singing to announce his finds, usually between 2AM and 4AM. We try to take away the noisy toys before bedtime, but we are not always entirely successful, so sometimes we wake up to the thump thump thump of a wine stopper going enthusiastically down the stairs, over and over. Someone likes to drop his toys on the top of the stairs and see them bounce.

Rubber wine stoppers are the best; they are the size and color of a small mouse, their irregular shape makes them bounce erratically, and they are easy enough to carry in his mouth for Piper to drop them, carry them up and drop them again, ad infinitum…

One of those nights when he was doing his Pavarotti stint, we found Piper in the hallway with all the toys he could find around the house gathered in one spot. What goes on in his little brain when he does that, I have no idea. Any other cat waking me up for no reason would drive me mad, but Pipie just cracks me up. He's the funny one. Kelvin, with all his chunkiness, is a very agile cat who lands exactly where he means to. Piper is a little uncoordinated goofball. One time, I found him with his head stuck inside an empty kleenex box. Wish I 'd taken a picture, but it would have been heartless.

And if you can't eat them, squash them.


An all-time great post! DD and I are laughing so hard!