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Off to England, maybe

My first shipment to my SP in England is finally on its way, but it may never get there.

I went to my local post office with a small package and a padded envelope properly addressed but without sender's information. It turns out that, after 9/11, it's not legal to mail anything without a return address. Jeez, like that's going to solve any terrorism problems. The postal worker would not take the packages unless I put down at least the town and zip code, which I did, but since I didn't put a name and street address there is a chance that my packages will end up at the dead letter office in Illinois, with no way for me to retrieve them. I suppose I could have written my name and address, but what's the point of a secret pal exchange if you do that? I am pissed. :(

Two balls of mystery fiber dyed by a friend of mine and four little skeins of wool/mohair/llama blend spun on one of my Bosworth spindles. I bought the fiber at last year's NY Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck.

These are also spindle spun and the fiber is a wool/mohair blend. I like these ones better than the others because they are not fuzzy (I blame the llama in the other blend). This fiber comes from Rhinebeck, too. I chose these colors because my SP shares my love for autumn hues.