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Green balls

I spun a small bag of fiber from Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio, this time in a green colorway. The bag had fiber from two rovings and one was darker than the other so I kept them separate to accentuate the difference and I ended up with three balls in a lighter color and three darker.

The difference is subtle, but I hope noticeable enough for a color test. I am knitting a swatch to see how slightly different colors interact in a simple pattern. I barely started the swatch so it's not very visible yet; I should have more in a day or two.

Ben is leaving tomorrow for a bachelor party in Vegas and I am planning a fiber-filled weekend of spinning, knitting and felting. All in small batches, though, to avoid stressing my right arm. And if the stupid arm gives me grief, I'll just drag a bunch of books to the sofa and park myself there for the next three days.