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A perfect use for single socks

It's called second sock syndrome or single sock syndrome. It afflicts most knitters who knit one sock at a time. We get through the first sock quickly, then find all sorts of reasons for not finishing the second sock. I used to feel bad about having so many single socks lying around and somehow that made things worse. Then I found the solution: I turn my single socks into Christmas socks. Like this.

Lonely sock

Christmas sock.

This year I am going to have a bunch of these socks ready for my Christmas party, one for each friend, and maybe I'll embroider their names on them — gotta learn to embroider before Christmas of course — and put little gifts inside.

Interestingly, now that I have a use for my single socks, I find it easier to finish them in pairs.


I am an embroider's guild drop out and would be happy to share a few stitches with you. Your talented hands will have no problem.

Found my way here from Dances With Wool. Love your idea about the Lonely Sock, and it's lovely.

Have fun with your embroidery.