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Languages of the world

We just enrolled in a UCLA Extension class on linguistics called "Languages of the World: Variable Topics in Linguistics". It'll be fun to take a class with Ben and we'll finally be able to add some scientific background to our conversations about language.

This is the class description and I can't wait for it to start (June 26):

  • "An introduction to the distribution, classification, and structural characteristics of the world's languages, this course acquaints students with the principles and techniques of language classification and provides a comprehensive view of the linguistic diversity of the world. Topics include elements of areal linguistics, linguistic typology, and comparative and historical linguistics and their relationship to language classification. Other topics include language isolates, the genetic affiliation of contact languages, and the evolution of language".


I love the sweater with the steeks, I just looked at it & keep saying "WOW". This is soo beautiful!

Your class sounds very intriguing, I would like to sign up for it, too.