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Leaving Friday with two friends to go to our spinning guild retreat in Deer Springs. Twenty girls and one guy cramped indoors for two days of spinning, knitting, felting and God knows what else. Wish I could pack the kitties, especially Kelvin, who likes to try new laps and really enjoys this kind of meetings. He usually ends up sitting for hours on someone who is either knitting or spinning on a single-treadle wheel. Double-treadle is too bumpy of a ride, even for him.

This is him on Janet's lap at the last spin/knit gathering at my place. A true bundle of nerves who doesn't know how to relax.
Kelvin and Janet

He won't be lacking laps, though, as every time I am out for more than half a day, Ben and Ed schedule a video game tournament and those guys can sit on the sofa for hours playing Halo 2.

Gotta figure out what to pack, but one thing's for sure; I will bring my oldest UFOs, *three* Aran sweaters (all from Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore) that have been in between 80% and 95% state of completion for years. I guess I fit the stereotype of knitters who hate to sew. I'd rather knit another sleeve or even larger piece than put the whole thing together. Luckily, my friends will help me snap out of it this weekend.

Here are the offending items, all from Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting:

St. Brigid
St. Brigid sweater in progress

Na Craga #1
Na Craga sweater in progress

Na Craga #2
Na Craga sweater #2 in progress


i'm so excited for this weekend. i wish it were friday already, sigh.

*and* i'm so excited at the idea of your arans - they're gorgeous gorgeous and deserve to be finished! just think how happy you'll be when they're done! make sure to bring the pattern books for me to drool over, if you can. ;)

Those sweaters are just amazing.

I too have no idea what to pack besides fiber.

I love the picture of your cat, Kelvin!
Too bad he's got such a tough life. :)

Poor Kelvin :-) Thanks for the smile; that's a very funny cat pic. Have an excellent time on the trip.

I have a cat who sleeps like that too. I had to laugh when I saw your picture. Too cute!

The sweaters are great! what yarn did you use ?, they are the best arans I've seen :).

For the St. Brigid, I used Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in color 407 (magnolia).

For Na Craga #1, a yarn I bought from Virtual Yarns (Alice Starmore's company), but I can't remember the name right now.

For Na Craga #2, Jaeger Extra Fine Merino. The color is actually much darker than the picture.