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Leonardo's machines

Just started sorting out the pictures we took last year in Italy. Whenever we go, it's to visit family and friends and we only do the tourist thing for a couple of days or so. Last time we went to Firenze (Florence), Ferrara, and a couple of small hillside villages in the Appennini mountains. Home is in Romagna, with family being in Ravenna and most of my friends in Faenza and we usually end up taking only day-trips from there.

In Firenze, we went to Giardino dei Boboli and then to an exhibit of Leonardo's machines. We both had looked forward to seeing life-size constructions of machines from Leonardo's drawings and I really enjoyed the show. Ben thought the craftsmanship was not quite up to par, but I couldn't tell.

Ornitottero (Ornithopter)
The ornithopter is a flying machine with wings like a bird's. Although it looks very much like a modern-day hang-glider, the ornithopter was meant to be operated by the pilot using pedals that would flap and twist the wings.

Ornitottero Verticale (Vertical Ornithopter)
In this model, the paddles were meant to move in the air as those of a boat in water.

Self-propelling car
This machine is thought to have been used for stage performances, and motion was provided by coiled springs placed under the wheels.