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Japanese craft books

It's not just the cute file folders; I like all sorts of Japanese things. I love the wabi-sabi essence of traditional Japanese arts and the whimsical quality of contemporary graphics and design. I started buying Japanese stickers years ago at a paperie on Melrose – Soolip – and now I add to my small collection whenever I see something that catches my fancy.

Lately, I have also started buying Japanese craft books. So far I have three books on felting, one on stuffed toys and one on natural cord bags. They are gorgeous, not to mention their logical structure and easy-to-follow instructions. See for yourself.

felted bags book spread
Handmade Felt, ISBN 4-579-10798-5

felted shoes book spread
Handmade Felt, ISBN 4-579-10798-5

felted jewels book spread
Handmade Felt, ISBN 4-579-10798-5

aranzi aronzo fish book spread
Aranzi Aronzo, ISBN 4-579-10921-X

aranzi aronzo monkey book spread
Aranzi Aronzo, ISBN 4-579-10921-X

Felted leaf bag book spread
Handmade Felt (My Felted Bags), ISBN 4-579-10891-4

felted horse book spread
Small articles made of wool felt, ISBN 4-309-28044-7

cord items book spread
Handmade bag and zakka of natural cord, ISBN 4-277-43052-X


I love these books. I saw a bag done in the twine somewhere and really liked it. Are there directions in English or is it something for inspiration only?

Hi Theresa, I am afraid all the instructions are in Japanese. You can get the gist of things, but I do wish I could understand everything.


I've just discovered your website. I too would like to find the Japanese felting books, but having searched on Amazon and Abebooks, using the ISBN numbers you've quoted, they always draw a blank. Where did you buy yours from?

Kind regards

Hi Mary, I bought some of mine at a local Kinokuniya bookstore and a friend of mine bought the others for me from Amazon.co.jp. Amazon.com does not carry the Japanese books; I wish they did. You can order from Amazon.co.jp and the individual cost is half what you can find from certain vendors on eBay, but the shipping cost will add considerably to that and delivery times are long. If you live close to a Japanese bookstore, you might be able to find these books or order them easily. If convenience and speed are more important than cost, you can find these books on eBay by running a search for "Japanese craft books" or something similar. Here are two vendors that sell them: Crafty Creations and This Was Then.
Good luck!

Hi Francesca

Many thanks for your quick response, and helpful suggestions. I'll give the Japanese Amazon a try.

Kind regards

Mary Cassell