Tea time

100°F is what we got home to the other day, and it’s been like that since. Fortunately, waiting for me among the inevitable bills and junk mail was a tea care package I won a couple of weeks ago by leaving a comment on Nate’s food+knitting blog: knit 1, eat 1. The package from Mighty Leaf included a big pitcher for iced tea and a selection of tea bags presized for the pitcher.

Bodum pitcher and Mighty Leaf tea selection

Bodum pitcher and Mighty Leaf tea selection

If you are a tea snob like me, your nose probably went up an inch when you heard tea bags. Well, these are not the tea bags of my childhood — sad little paper things with staples and a dry heart of tea powder left over from the better selections destined for tins. These are beautifully crafted translucent sachets revealing a select lose leaf content. They are stitched in unbleached cotton and biodegradable.

Ginger Peach tea

Super fragrant

Iced tea caraffe

Hot water first, then ice

Peaches and tea

If I add peaches, can I call it tea sangria?

Ready to combat the heat

Ready to combat the heat

Thank you, Nate!