Expect some bumpiness

Expect a few bumps as I do some much needed digital housekeeping. The previous blog template wasn’t flexible enough to accommodate the changes I am planning so I’m transitioning to new blog software, updating the menu, and reorganizing the content into a website that includes the blog. The older posts are still there, albeit with some minor formatting issues. It might take a while to get everything in ship shape. Fasten your seat belts and stroke some cashmere. Meanwhile, testing for Nebbia is well under way and should be completed some time this week. One final round of tech editing and the pattern will be ready. As usual, I am learning a lot from my testers. You girls rock! Every pattern presents its own problems; it’ll probably be years before I can confidently anticipate all issues, and maybe that’s not even possible. It’s OK. After all this is the house of Slow Knits, where things happen at a comfortable pace. You may


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noticed that the name Fluffbuff has disappeared; I’d been feeling for a while that it was no longer a good match. Yes, there are still non-knitting categories in the blog and I am not sure what to do about that. My six readers seem to like the cat/food/language asides and most likely the blog will remain a mixed bag with strong focus on knitting. But enough with the ramblings… I have software to learn. Oh wait, guess

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what I am going to knit next? That’s right; I ordered my first Bohus kit which should be shipped tomorrow and arrive here in a week or so. I can’t wait! Since it’s my first attempt at Bohus knitting (excluding the Blue Shimmer wristlets I made at a workshop with Susanna Hansson back in 2007), I thought I’d better start slow with a hat + scarf kit. Sweaters, if any, will come later.

Poems of Color

Falling hopelessly in love with Bohus again.