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If you live in New Zealand and are looking for a canine companion (Gaby, this is for you), head over to doggelganger to find your match. You can upload a photo or have a snapshot taken by a webcam on the site. Doggelganger will match your facial features to their database of puppies/dogs for adoption. I love it when a good thing is also fun. I know, I don’t live in NZ and we are not ready for a dog yet, but it was fun.


Doggelganger matching my face to the NZ puppy database


My canine match is a 6-month puppy named Max.

No knitting news of note because I’ve been derailed by the new round of construction around the house which this time involves considerable legwork to choose and buy materials. I’ve been swatching a little in the evenings and coordinating a bit of testing with my lovely helpers. The only intensive thing going on at the moment is my new found interest in the Japanese language. This time my goals are less lofty — I am never going to learn to actually speak Japanese unless I find a way to be exposed to it daily — and a lot more practical. I am looking at all my Japanese knitting books to get a hang of how Japanese patterns work and slowly compiling my own Japanese-English knitting dictionary with the help of books, various online glossaries and tutorials, and the wonderful Japanese Knitting and Crochet group on Ravelry. Why? Hm, I don’t have a good answer. Japanese is one of the constants in my life, like knitting. I may abandon it for a year or two, but it always comes back. As a way of practicing what I am learning, I am starting to translate my PIP into Japanese. OK, not really translate; “labeling” might be a more accurate term. I am also trying to condense the pattern and looking at how the Japanese do it. There’s a lot to be learned there. My next patterns are not, repeat not, going to be as long as the first one. And just so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time looking at cute puppies, I leave you with something useful.

  • 目 = stitch
  • 段 = row

If this wets your appetite for more knitterly Japanese, check out these resources: Dancing Barefoot: multi-instalment tutorial in how to read

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Japanese knitting and crochet patterns. Fleegle: Japanese Knitting Symbol Primer. Select Yarn: How to interpret a Japanese knitting book. The Translation pulldown menu has several useful pages.