Carrot, anyone?

Paper cut bunny

I'm late, I'm late

Paper rabbit and Alice cut from templates

for a very important date

I promise, I didn’t eat any bunnies

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for Easter this year. In fact, I haven’t done that in ages. I stopped telling people that rabbit is my favorite meat when I got tired of getting the kind of look that is usually reserved to pedophiles. I actually eat a lot less meat than the average American, even though I am not vegetarian, but somehow I often manage to gross out the locals when the topic of food comes up. Yesterday, at a wonderful get-together with some friendly neighbors, someone mentioned fish, so we started comparing notes on what and where to buy. Suddenly I was aware of two pairs of eyes staring in my direction. Uh-oh, what have I said this time? It turns out that I mentioned baking branzino and someone asked what kind of fish it is and in the back and forth of conversation they figured that I bake it whole. It never even crossed my mind that anyone would find that gross. Besides, it’s a lot more flavorful when you bake it whole — no innards or anything like that, just with its head and tail on. It seems that a lot of people find that disgusting or disturbing or both. Something to do with the eyes apparently. I wonder if that is why the few places that sell frogs here actually don’t sell frogs, but only frog legs. Never mind.

Easter bunny

Politically correct bunny

I did get a bunny by the way, but it’s a chocolate one. Nibble nibble…